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After a frustrating time between the two of us and the pressures of work and children, we decided to start spending time with others. Rachel and I have 6 years and we had to find the spark again, we are very much in love, but stopped somewhere along the way, aware of each other. Almost from the first day I had my fantasy Rachel was with another man, he says, and has tried in teenist the past, sometimes to tease me, but more than anything for my mood. Although things are much farther, and they do not bother me again. Anyway, I decided I needed a long-awaited night, we were looking for a nanny to the children who take our travel team and hit the nightclubs of Sheffield. Rachel looked stunning in a relatively short dress with a cut of the show enough of her breasts in order to gain a little overthrown ( wanted ?) Attention. He convinced me to teenist lay their eggs in remote locations - the love, and make sure the remote control in your pocket. asI'm in training, had stopped drinking, so we pushed Sheffield, so relax Rachel, have a drink and go a little. The opening stages were a little weird, the atmosphere was bad, while we were having a laugh, who spent most of his time observing people and trying to avoid strange characters. We decided to go ahead. teenist We found a noble institution, and immediately found the most comfortable and Rachel began to really enjoy. As the teenist drinks flowed, we started to play some games. Some of them addressed the joint session only teenist remembered that they took my best friend. Rachel is usually very quiet about it, but the drink is flowing, opens it and finally got the true nature of my normally affable lady. I teased her how much I enjoyed another cock, she admits that the emotion and feeling of another man gives. The bar began to fill my thoughts to drift and see again, and my gamesbegan, more daring. I began setting small challenges for Rachel. The first was the bathroom and take off the thong. He hesitated at first, but eventually was returned and put it in my hand. Here we go, I thought. My next challenge was sent to the bar and a drink. She did not have the money and refused to teenist give everything. You had to see if they could get someone to buy her. So we went... in the bar had a suitable group of boys, all with a smile between them and exploring space for future colleagues, so to speak. Rachel saw and went directly to each other was at the bar is always full. The men were silent for a short time, go through it. After a minute of standing by his side in this group began to talk to her, and I could laugh to see them and what was said. 5 minutes and no signs of a new drink. Finally, a man left the group and seemed to be very good to him. They talked a bit more, and saw her cheeks, which won the attention of the waiter and drink bought him a kiss. I thought Crafty lawn. She said her thanks and paved their way back to me. Rachel refused to say what was said and I agreed that it had completed the challenge. ( I later learned was called Ian) teenist The night continued and could occasionally look at the man to see the direction of Rachel. More ideas began to emerge in teenist my head. Rachel next task was to me has been achieved through X-ray room and denial again. I explained it was a challenge, and if not, would face punishment. I offered the opportunity to redeem himself, but she refused. So I had to think of a punishment. I told him that she had returned to Ian, knowing that his interest was not his strength and feel her ass. I gave some money this time, had a reason teenist to go and needed a drink anyway. I was surprised that they found no resistance,ND then teenist left. She did not hide what he did and went directly to him. And notice how he did it. I was excited about what ever development. She went on, and both had their backs to me. I was able to see Ian 's arm around the waist Rachel, as he stood at the bar, and Evry now and then slid his hand up her ass wonderful, they discovered they could command now ! finally returned with my drink, and sit a while, Rachel made ​​fun of me, I think, and said while waiting at the bar (apparently, while Ian had his hand in the ass ), which had stooped and began stroking his cock, feeling growing in his pants. This started me wondering hard and my hand began to Rachel's legs, under the guise of the table. and slowly teased her clit. She was already wet and I knew she was excited. It was not long before Ian came to us and introduced himself to me. Rachel told him that his daring during the teenist nearlyt, which surprised me. Ian Lee asked to dance, she looked at me as if for approval, he said, could if I wanted and she went. I was watching, the two approach the group of dancers. The dance floor was small, so there was little space. Rachel put her arms around his neck Ian, as they moved together. When I saw her, I took the remote and press the button. Rachel eyes widened and really seemed to cash in their hips Ian. I went I looked for about 30 seconds and almost relieved when Rachel is off. The pair of them are dancing very close and Ian 's hands seemed to be everywhere, and Rachel was returning from the applications and had no intention of stopping. I could not count the times I had seen Rachel cupping breasts and feel her ass. Rachel had his hands in his jacket again and were quite surprised. I stood and watched, not dancing around me, except my wife and Ian. Rachel looked at Ian teenist and planningnted a kiss right on the lips. He did not move and started playing tonsil tennis. I felt a teenist little strange, but very excited. Ian saw Rachel fall of the hand under the hem and work teenist your way up her pussy naked. Rachel looked a little scared, but not stop it. His hand gripped his jar of honey and was obviously teasing. Change was to masturbate his cock through his pants. as the music slowly, both returned to me with huge smiles on their faces, and Rachel said: ' Shall we go home ?'. I, of course, agreed and the three of us went to my car..... Do you continue later if you want........
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